Nutri-Grain to go, go, go

How Nutri-Grain Built a Long-term Platform Across All Day Parts



Kellogg’s wanted to build a 5-year vision for Nutri-Grain anchored in consumer-centric opportunities that reflected the evolved eating habits and fuel needs of young Aussies.


We wanted a pipeline of ideas that were based on an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour – now and future. A cross-functional team came together to crunch data, scenario plan and get inside the heads of consumers. We defined multiple opportunity spaces, but zoomed in on two of them that opened up alternative day-parts and nutritional credentials. These guided our in-depth ethnography to define the needs, tensions and rules of engagement across all day-parts, for each consumer target. We then ran co-creation sessions with first R&D and then consumers to develop a raft of ideas.


We adopted a 3-prong strategy for Nutri-grain to across breakfast, morning snacks and afternoon snacks. Portable eating and a more sustaining, protein-driven delivery were key drivers. New format breakfast ‘on the go’ foods and liquid formats were so important to the pipeline that we needed to define ‘the authentic Nutri-Grain dynamic eating experience’ in great detail with R&D, in order to create true guardrails for liquids.


A range of 5 Nutri-Grain To Go Protein Squeezer pouches were launched in May 2018, together with 2 Nutri-Grain To Go Giant breakfast bars.

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