Raining Cat & Dog Innovation Across Asia

How Nestle Purina Built the Foundations for Dog and Cat Innovation Across the Asia Region



Nestle Purina wanted to define the long-term innovation opportunities for both dogs and cats across Asia. We were tasked with ‘Creating Sustainable, Region-wide platforms that re-frame our choices for feeding our pets’ in a massive innovation insight brief.


Covering so many countries, brands, stakeholders and sub-categories was a daunting task. We managed this by cycling between deep research phases and cross-functional workshop.

We began by crunching over 60 existing research, trend, performance and insight reports into an encyclopaedic audit report that defined starting opportunity territories and rules. A cross-functional, multi-region team then workshopped these, before embarking on an expert deep-dive with 10 different experts in fields such as animal behaviour, zoology, protein manufacture and food scents.  This gave us 9 innovation platforms that shaped our in situ explorations with pet owners in Australia and Japan – in-home, in-vet, in-park.

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We defined 25 idea platforms for dog and cat across Asia, spanning Horizons 1-3, current and future capability.


One of the biggest opportunities lay in ‘paleo’ food for pets – closer to their original diets. The first mainstream product under this banner was launched in Australia in mid 2018, as Supercoat True Origin.