Creating Growth Through a Transformed End-to-end Customer Experience

How Microsoft Redefined their Customer Experience to Create a Global Pathway for Microsoft Office’s Growth



Australia leads the world in ‘attach’ sales of Microsoft Office but experienced a plateau. Microsoft Australia came to us with the aim of taking back its place as front runner in attach sales whilst driving a healthier long term Office Business.


We needed to create a step-change in Microsoft’s existing approach to unlock incremental growth and greater usage for Microsoft Office. We kickstarted this with an in-depth customer centric process that mapped the end-to-end user journey, identified lack of consumer engagement and understanding as the key barrier to step-change growth, then set about prototyping a new end-to-end customer engagement model.

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mapping the Journey

To get real insight into the varied customers of Microsoft Office we conducted extensive, in situ, one-to-one research at homes, offices and in stores. Through this we were able to examine the full usage cycle, from in-store and online acquisition, through installation and a range of usage challenges.

The outcome of this was a series of pain-points and opportunities that we then used as leaping-off points for ideation.

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Developing Usage Scenarios and testing solution concepts

We leveraged our customer understanding to generate a range of new usage scenarios and solution concepts for Office and brought these to life with concept boards and pretotypes to test and build with customers.

Through iterative testing and refinement we were able to tighten these solutions quickly.

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Creating a new Engagement Model for Office

The final stages of our process saw us build a new engagement model for Office, one that optimises the experience of Office at every touchpoint.

We brought these to life via persona stories and provided an implementation roadmap with an updated user experience map, solution wireframes and executional guidelines.


The new customer engagement model known as the ‘Living Office’ delivers customers effortless inspiration and ideas that supports their Microsoft journey, continuing to show them the power of what Office can do by putting right tools and resources at their fingertips.

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