Empowering Innovation from the Inside

How Lion Co. Embedded Core Innovation Competencies Across their Business


At the beginning of 2011, Lion Nathan National Foods (now Lion Dairy & Drinks) engaged How to Impact to refine the innovation process for the business and train their Insight & Innovation team.

We did this as an ‘action learning’ exercise by combining the training with a live project in order to accelerate the learning curve. This meant that we could keep the theory distinct from the business reality, but also provide a real-time, real-world context for practising the ‘classroom’ skills. We worked closely with the People & Culture team to manage pre-work, de-briefs and assessments.

Our process is rich with tools, skills and ‘learned’ behaviours, and these were documented and shared in the three core project stages: Go Wide, Go Deep and Creative Solutions over 3 months and 16 total training/project days. (These same three stages are true to any project, although the content, duration and outputs differ with different types of project.)

This process is now embedded in Lion Dairy’s Keys for Innovation and several of the concept outputs went into R&D development.