Innovation from the Factory Floor

How Nestlé Harnessed Internal Smarts to Bring New Life to Classic Brands 


Nestle partnered with How to Impact to address a twofold challenge – facilitate a renewed spirit of collaboration between marketing and operations in order to generate new ideas for key brands and to help reinvigorate their classics.

We focused on innovative behaviours and open sharing within a two day session at the Nestle factory in Campbellfield. This helped bridge the understanding gap between the teams and unlock new brand and technical ideas. The key was to establish an atmosphere of constructive ‘greenhousing’, ensuring that idea generation was collaborative and both practical and stretching.

The large number of starter ideas generated in this session were sharpened through insight and ideas sessions with a tighter cross-functional team and then ‘bounced and built’ back at the factory.

Part of the output included Kit Kat Chunky 3 and a repositioning and reformulation of Chokito as a ‘ballsier’ bar made with big lumps of biscuit balls in a rip-tear wrapper. Chokito alone tripled in sales and placed itself in Nestle’s top 10 selling chocolate bars within two months.