Setting the Stage for the Explosion of the Cider Market

How Five Seeds Disrupted a Stagnant Category and Kick-started the Cider Revolution in Australia


In 2008 Lion Nathan partnered with How to Impact to explore an open innovation field that would lead to a new generation of Australian ciders.

We used a Blue Sky approach that unlocks the challenge in a way that redefines the category to bring in new consumers rather than the typical Red Ocean approach of fighting for existing market share.

Thus, our challenge wasn’t to simply create a new cider, but to define new drinks that met unmet consumer needs and their frustrations with beer, wine, RTDs and existing cider offers. One of the lead insights was that men and women wanted to break away from beer without breaking the rules of the beer club.

In August 2009 Toohey’s launched ‘Five Seeds’ as a result of our project. Within two months it had secured 12% of the cider category, selling over 1 million litres. The cider category has since grown by 75%, with 5 Seeds an established number two behind Strongbow.