What is Cultural Architecture?



Smart people and smart businesses can be less than intelligent when it comes to building the right cultural and behavioural foundations for innovation. Often there is a serious gap between an organisation’s ambition to innovate to disrupt and design compelling new offers and the reality of leadership, systems and structures connected to innovation. 

This gap between what organisations say and how they actually behave is where Cultural Architecture comes into play.


The Cultural Architecture Blueprint helps organisations understand, track and strengthen the critical structural enablers that create an enduring culture of innovation.


There are 5 key pillars of Cultural Architecture…


How it Works


1. Get your organisations Cultural Architecture score and see how you stack up, benchmarked against other Australian organisations.

2. Build a tailored program to enact change within your organisation today

3. Track your progress and adjust program activity to drive continuous improvement


Find Out Where You Stand


To find out more about the program or benchmark your organisation against the Cultural Architecture Framework, register your interest below.


How We Got Here



The Cultural Architecture Framework is the culmination of a multi-year research journey into the critical building blocks that create an enduring culture of innovation within organisations.

After more than 10 years and 200 innovation projects, we had seen this gap between what organisations say and how they actually behave too often to ignore it. So, we secured government funding to get under the skin of the issue.

The body of work which informed the Cultural Architecture Blueprint spans 100’s of hours of desk research and peer reviews, in-depth interviews with over 50 innovation leaders in Australia and four rounds of quant research and analysis in partnership with UNSW Science of Innovation Lab.