A Dogged Pursuit of New Growth

How Purina Harnessed An Untapped Insight to Build a New Brand


In a market valued at $136 million and dominated by Schmackos, Purina wanted to totally revamp their dog treats portfolio with a new brand positioning and product range.

We structured the project into three stages to help us define the opportunity, go deep to get the inspiration insights needed for innovation and then create and bring to life real ideas with the help of experts and consumers.

We explored the world of dog treats from the inside and outside by talking with consumers in multiple situations, by taking about consumers with trade experts, internal experts and animal experts, and by being the consumer in a series of challenges that had us adopting, feeding and even cooking home-made dog treats.

Our insights about ‘real & wild, repulsively delicious’ treats helped guide the thinking behind a new product and brand range ‘Ruffs’ launched in late 2011.