Business Process Management 

BT Insurance


During a larger business process improvement review, it became obvious to BT Financial that their insurance process was underperforming and that the claims process was the weak-link that was costing customer loyalty.

It was critical that we understand how the process worked from multiple perspectives, without the prejudice of close-sightedness that the core team naturally have. We visualised the process by constituent steps so that we could take recent claimants, highly-disgruntled claimants who had recently cancelled their policies and highly-satisfied customers of competitors through it. This helped expose both the critical individual elements of process that affected the experience and both the positive and negative deal-breakers from BT and its competitors.

We took these learnings in-house to fully understand the claims officers’ and IT perspective and then develop solutions in cross-functional workshops.

Within just three weeks, we identified new rules of engagement, five separate elements that could be removed from the process and new protocols that could lift the entire experience.