Paving the Way for a More Sustainable Future in Logistics

How CHEP Set the Stage for the Adoption of Reusable Retail-Ready Packaging in Australia


During 2011, How to Impact worked with CHEP on the challenge of championing Reusable Retail-Ready Packaging (RRRP). There are significant potential gains in sustainability, efficiency and costs for manufacturers in RRRP, but to date the agenda had been driven by the retailers.

Our challenge was to first identify the most fruitful targets, then to identify the core pain-points in the supply chain that RRRP could relieve and finally to foster collaborations with lead parties to deliver outputs.

We began with extensive market analysis from Australia, overseas and from parallel industries. Once we’d identified the 30 most promising targets across industry sectors and across the supply chain, we defined the issues, barriers and triggers for each through face-to-face interviews, panel sessions and site visits. Our independent stance allowed us to open up new lines of communication beyond the traditional logistics relationship spheres that CHEP owns to build insights based on statistics, observation and anecdote.

This not only helped us to identify the four greatest opportunities for RRRP, but also the changes required in process and behaviours to support a new way of working together. So, as well as developing starting ideas with 3D Structural Designers we also helped established the project teams of CHEP and their client-partners to move them forward around a common purpose and vision.