The Iced Coffee for Real Coffee Drinkers

How Dare Iced Coffee Built the Pipeline to Power a New Wave of Growth


We used a consumer-centric discovery process to answer the challenge to build the innovation pipeline for Dare with quick-win brand innovation to increase relevance with existing consumers and long-term innovation to attract infrequent/available consumers.

Our core driver was the trend towards ‘better-for-you’ solutions and we focused on establishing Desirability, Viability and Feasibility with empathy sessions and a range of consumer ‘bounce & builds’ that took us across from Melbourne, to Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

The two critical barriers we needed to overcome were the sweetness/sugar content of existing iced coffee and the need for more ‘corporate’ looks for urban consumers. Consumers wanted a product that tasted and looked more like the coffee-shop coffee we were trying to displace.

In the short-term, Dare Raw – with 50% less sugar – broke the beach-head for a ‘better-for-you’ iced coffee option, whilst in the longer-term Dare Cold-Pressed brought the required simplicity and sophistication associated with inner-city living.

We tapped into early technical exploration of 12-hour cold-pressed processing and the extended supply chain for metal bottles.

Dare Cold-Pressed was launched in NSW in August 2013 and sales have been 183% of business case estimates.