Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 4

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


Waves of Emotion


Researchers at MIT have been experimenting with a new technology that reads emotions. The technology called EQ-Radio, works by measuring the intensity of your pulse to predict emotions based on recognisable patterns with an 87% accuracy.

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How will emotionally intelligent technologies shape our future? 

Modern Dining

Vita Mojo is a healthy restaurant concept that’s popped up in London. With 2 stores currently open, they offer meals that you can customise yourself based on different healthy ingredients and nutritional content, which are then calculated and charged by weight.

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How can we create flexible restaurants and businesses that appeal to the modern healthy conscious consumer? 

For the Record

Music streaming has become even more personal with Spotify’s latest invention – Daily Mix. Users are now able to listen to infinite playlists (up to 6 each) that blend their favourite songs with new music that Spotify has intuitively mapped against each user’s personal tastes.   

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How will intelligent human-based curation impact how we consume media?