Storytelling & Innovation - The Narrative of Change

Storytelling has emerged as the number one leadership and influencing skill for the next decade.

The post-mining boom economy tells us that the need for change has become a constant and businesses need to adapt faster than ever or pay the consequences - 70% of the Fortune 1000 Companies from 2004 no longer exist. The traditional cycle of business model innovation has moved from 30 years to 5 years, and whilst Kodak died slowly, MySpace died in just 1 year. 

Storytelling allows business leaders to deepen engagement with the call for change and build empathy with the change message. 
Within innovation itself, storytelling powers customer-centric innovation as a key part of experience innovation, whilst stories from parallel worlds provides invaluable guidance and inspiration. 

On April 14, 2015 we invited the leading voice in the art of corporate storytelling and one of Australia’s top documentary filmmakers, to discover how storytelling allows business leaders to power innovation and deepen engagement.