Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 69


Money For Nothing


Qarnot, a start-up out of France, has found a unique way to capitalise on the cryptocurrency trend with their 'computing heaters'.

Designed to tap into one of heavy computing's biggest challenges - excess heat - the QC1 heater looks just like a standard heater on the outside... but inside is a high-performance computing server perfectly equipped to mine cryptocurrencies while it keeps your house warm.

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How can we conserve energy, resources and funds by bringing together other seemingly unrelated product systems?

Energy From Thin Air


In the UK, Moya Power is harnessing the wind in London's train tunnels to generate electricity.

Using a unique fabric technology known as 'piezo-electric textiles', tiny filaments embedded within Moya Power's flexible fabric sheets capture energy generated by movement when placed in high-wind zones like gusty London train stations and other urban environments that would be otherwise unsuitable for other energy solutions like solar. 

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How could we design new energy solutions that better fit the realities of today's urban build environment?

Unconscious Activism


Meanwhile, in the US, a new crowdfunding app is helping users donate their spare change to help people awaiting trial.

Tapping into an idea already well utilised in many of the latest finance and investment apps, the Appolition app connects directly to your credit card and automatically rounds up spending to the nearest dollar - donating the leftover change to organisations committed to bail relief and reform.

Read more about Appolition here and here.

How could we re-think other social initiatives by removing friction and taking the effort out of action?