Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 63


Fighting Cancer From The Inside


A promising new cancer 'vaccine' uses an injected compound to activate your own internal immune cells and use them against your cancer to eradicate it throughout your body.

The compound, developed by researchers at Stanford University, is set to enter its human trial phase after dramatic success in animal testing which saw 87 of 90 mice cancer free with just one treatment of the compound... and the remaining three cancer free from a second dose.

Find out more at: https://goo.gl/Yti1dV

How can we better harness the innate power of our own bodies to replace more aggressive, traditional medical treatments?

Replacing Pesticides With Wildflowers


In England, farmers are experimenting with alternative farming techniques that could see toxic pesticides replaced with wildflowers.

The technique operates on the principle that precision planting of wildflowers will attract and sustain a population of pest-eating bugs that can ward off infestations within the commercial crop fields they surround.

Read more here: https://goo.gl/fwQa63

How could we rethink our approach to mass farming by tapping into the power of natural ecologies over chemical aids?

Fuelling Jet Engines With Mustard Seeds 


Meanwhile, earlier this week Qantas completed a world first flight from Melbourne Australia through to LA powered in part by a biofuel derived from mustard seeds.

Coming in at just 10% of the overall fuel to power the long-haul flight, this pilot hardly solves the greenhouse gas challenge, however in an industry that represents one of the most significant contributors to CO2 emissions, this new fuel source promises to mitigate the damage somewhat with a 7% decrease in overall emissions from that single flight.

What's more, the mustard seed crop (brassica carinata) represents a more sustainable fuel source in and of itself. Unlike fossil fuels which are incredibly finite and resource intensive to mine, the mustard crop can be grown in regular fields by farmers during 'off-seasons' and sold on to the aviation industry or used directly on farms as a direct fuel source.

Find out more here: https://goo.gl/njBYSjhttps://goo.gl/oJtCFb

How will the development of alternative energy sources reshape the future of other adjacent sectors like aviation and agriculture?