Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 85 | Talk To Me


Emoji Chocolate


In the US, Hershey’s has redesigned its classic chocolate bar for the first time in 125 years to increase relevance amongst a new generation of consumers.

The new chocolate bars are stamped with different emoji’s, and Hershey’s worked with kids and their parents to determine which emoji’s were worth enough to be featured on the iconic chocolate bar.   

Tapping into the brands core consumption occasion, the new take on Hershey’s brings a whole new meaning to the chocolate bars ‘Made To Be Shared’ promise.

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How can we build new degrees of interactivity into common FMCG products and spark moments of shared connection through everyday consumption?

AI Whiskey

AI whiskey.png

Microsoft has teamed up with a Finnish tech company and a Sweden-based distillery to develop the world’s first whisky developed with artificial intelligence. 

The AI technology can generate over 70 million different whisky recipes… and can even predict the recipes that will be most successful based on consumer preference as well as type of equipment available at the distillery. This technology helps bring certainty of success to a complex and delicate process, but it still requires the human touch of a seasoned distiller to ensure the perfect drink.

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How can we use emerging technology to optimise traditional product development processes, without losing the human touch?

Samples On Demand

Samples on demand.png

UK cosmetics brand, Benefit, has partnered with voice-activated sampling company, Send Me A Sample, to launch a voice-activated sampling campaign that encourages effortless, in-home trial of their newest products.

To receive the samples, consumers simply asked their Google Assistant or Alexa to ‘send them a sample’, and the products were delivered direct to their door.

The campaign proved incredibly successful, with 6,500 samples requested within the first 2 hours of launch and all of the samples sold out within three days.

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How can we tap into new channels to disrupt shoppers and encourage trial?