Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 84 | How Do You Feel?


Meals For All The Other Moods You Feel

unhappy meals.png

Partnering with Mental Health America, fast food chain Burger King has introduced ‘Real Meals’, a take on McDonalds ‘Happy Meals’ that celebrates that it’s ok to not be happy all the time.  

The ‘Real Meals’ range includes everything from the ‘Salty Meal’ to the ‘Blue Meal’. Whilst it’s seemingly satirical at first, the initiative actually seeks to start the conversation around mental health.

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How can we tap into everyday behaviours or brand interactions to instigate conversations and break down stigma around tough topics? 

Boost Your Mood With…Lip Balm?

lip balm moods.png

Italian cosmetics brand Oh Yeahh! has launched a line of mood boosting lip balms infused with ingredients like cocoa, kiwi extracts, and African plant griffonia simplicifolia that boost serotonin levels and promise a ‘daily dose of happiness.’ 

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How can we infuse everyday products with more functional benefits that surprise, delight and add extra value to people’s lives?

Musical Horoscopes

Musical horoscopes.png

Meanwhile Spotify is taking a musical approach to horoscopes, releasing ‘Cosmic Playlists’ tailored to different astrological signs. 

The Cosmic Playlists are carefully curated with an astrologer each month to offer playlists that tell a musical story of the month ahead for that star sign. For example, Scorpio’s January playlist was filled with feisty sounds, whereas Libra’s playlist was much more cerebral.

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How can we tap into moods to bring new news to everyday services and delivering fresh, uniquely personalised content?