Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 83 | Innovation For Education


Building Literacy For The Blind

Braille lego.png

Lego is piloting a range of Braille Bricks for blind or visually impaired children.

The Braille Bricks feature studs corresponding to numbers, letters & symbols from the Braille alphabet to encourage learning & development in new ways. The bricks are also compatible with Lego’s standard brick range, encouraging inclusive play.

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How can we redesign traditional learning & development experiences to enhance their inclusivity?

Home Cooking For Puppies

recipe book for dogs.png

An Italian veterinary scientist has released a very foodie cookbook for furry friends. The illustrated cook book offers 80 home cooked recipes featuring on-trend ingredients like quinoa and pulses, as well as dietary tips and guidelines for different sized dogs. The cookbook aims to improve the overall health of dogs, and educate owners on the latest in canine nutrition at the same time.

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As we become more educated around food and nutrition, how can find fresh ways to help consumers expand their knowledge and make better choices (for themselves and those they care about)?

Boost Your Brain

nue co.png

The Nue Co., a beauty-supplement line, have launched a range of fragrances and supplements designed to boost brain function and keep consumers alert and attentive. Their range uses new, unfamiliar ingredients, and requires significant education to consumer trust in the product.

But rather than adding to the noise around health & wellness, The Nue Co. is taking a fresh approach to education around their products, by producing thumb-stopping 30-second videos that conceptualise the feeling of using the product.

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How can we elevate the emotional benefits of our products and services… and find fresh ways to educate around both the tangible and the intangible?