Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 82 | Innovation Hacks


Biohack Your Metabolism


What if all it took was a single breath to see if your body is burning fat or carbs and what to do about it? 

Lumen, a crowd-funded metabolism tracking device, measures your metabolism through breath, analyses whether your body is burning fat or carbs for energy (hello Keto fans!), tells you how many carbs and fat you should be eating, and why you’re experiencing certain changes like weight gain or low energy.

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What other body systems or processes can we hack to provide previously unavailable data to support information hungry consumers on their wellness journeys? 

Fitness Trackers & Furry Friends

fitness tracker.png

FitBit, the global wearable fitness brand, has partnered with FitBark to launch a digital collar that monitors pet heath and activity.

The tech allows dog owners to monitor their own activity, as well as tracking the steps, calories burnt and general activity of their furry friends, to better plan fitness goals based on their pets breed and owner’s lifestyle.

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As our relationships with our pets become more ‘humanised’, how else can we use typically human-centric tech to aid the wellbeing of our furry friends?

DIY Kombucha

diy kombucha.png

Australian-owned Soda Press Co. has launched the first kombucha syrup in partnership with SodaStream, allowing consumers to make their own kombucha at home. The unique batch-made syrup contains 2 to 3 times more live probiotics than their pre-mixed alternatives.

Soda Press kombucha syrup also removes the need for complicated and costly brewing, allowing the product to be sold at a significantly lower price and makes the drink an affordable everyday beverage for many consumers.

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How can we ‘hack’ other common household product systems and find new ways to democratise niche or expensive health food & drinks?