Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 80 | Celebrating Brand Ethos


Flat-Pack Easter Bunnies

easter bunnies.png

Ikea is leveraging what it’s best known for – DIY furniture, with its launch of the chocolate Easter bunny that you ‘build’ before eating. This idea approaches the classic Easter chocolate gift-giving in a novel way, and works to embed the Ikea ethos at key moments in consumers lives.

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How can we find new and novel ways to reach consumers when they least expect it and celebrate our brand ethos at every touchpoint?

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Dairy!


Chilean start up NotCo is using proprietary Artificial Intelligence to analyse dairy products on a molecular level, and recreate the exact same flavours and textures using plant-based ingredients. Not kind of the same imitation products, passable when hidden or cooked into a meal - but the exact same eating experience.   

 Read more about NotCo here.

How can we use Artificial Intelligence to deconstruct traditional foods or even materials and rebuild them using healthier, more sustainable raw ‘ingredients’? 

Care For Hair Down There


Fur, a company which promotes care rather than removal of body hair, has recently partnered with American chain store Ulta Beauty to introduce a line of pubic hair oils, ingrown hair concentrates and stubble creams, bringing a traditionally taboo topic right into the mainstream spotlight.

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How could we embrace traditionally tabooed topics and create fit-for-purpose solutions built for every lifestyle and life choice?