Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 79 | Something For Everyone


Getting Rice Right

Rice right.png

RightRice has launched the first shelf-stable rice alternative, made with over 90% vegetables, including lentils, chickpeas, green peas, it still cooks and absorbs flavour just like regular rice.

 The range is protein-packed and low carb, making it the ideal alternative for those seeking healthier meal alternatives.

 RightRice taps into a category calling out for innovation, especially as more and more consumers steer away from carbs and towards protein and vegetables.

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 How can we use new manufacturing techniques and ingredients to create products that meet the changing dietary requirements and preferences of consumers?

3D Content In The Palm Of Your Hand


Holitech and Lucid have partnered to launch a smartphone screen protector that turns users’ screens into a 3D, holographic display.

 By completely removing the need for bulky and awkward 3D glasses, The Holoscreen makes it possible for consumers to enjoy completely frictionless futuristic experiences.

 The Holoscreen is also affordably priced, comparable with standard screen protectors, making it an accessible technology that allows the mass to enjoy cutting edge technology.

Read more about the technology here and here.

 How can we turn futuristic technology into something simple and accessible for the everyday consumer?

Like Vodka, But Not

not vodka.png

Stryyk has launched a range of non-alcoholic spirits, crafted to look and taste like their alcoholic counterparts. The ‘spirits’ are manufactured in a distillery, and are branded to mimic alcoholic spirits.

The range of ‘Not Rum’, ‘Not Gin’ & ‘Not Vodka’ are targeted at the younger generation, who are increasingly choosing not to drink, but still want the social experience of a ‘night out’.

Read more here and here.

How can we better explore the changing dynamics of a ‘night out’ to offer more diverse beverage alternatives for drinkers and non-drinkers alike?