Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 78 | Automation With Purpose


Robo Puppies Delivering To You

Robo puppies.png

Continental’s CUBE project is combining driverless cars and robo delivery dogs to design a fit-for-purpose delivery network optimised for the urban city centre’s of today (and tomorrow).


The vision is a cascaded delivery approach where a driverless vehicle, ‘The Cube’, carries delivery robots, creating ‘an efficient transport team’. Aiming to increase efficiency and safety of package delivery, this autonomous approach is proposed to be scalable for other purposes like food delivery and even has the potential to operate as a taxi service during rush hours.

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 How could we rethink the end-to-end delivery experience to better address the challenges (and needs) of a modern urban environment?

 Smarter Self-Service


While self-serve check outs have become the norm in many retail categories, there are certain products that just don’t intuitively lend themselves to an autonomous retail experience.

Recognising this, NCR (a producer of self-serve checkouts) have introduced facial recognition and age verification technology that will allow self-serve checkouts to determine if a person is old enough to purchase certain items, like cigarettes and alcohol.

Read more about this initiative here.

How could we repurpose and enhance existing technical solutions to bridge the gap in niche sector’s and eliminate other shopper pain points?

Perfectly Personalised Cars

Personalised cars.png

Israeli-based Eyesight Technologies have developed a new suite of in-car monitoring systems capable of recognising who’s in the car… and adjusting the environment to match.

 Marketed as the CabinSense in-car Occupancy Monitoring System, Eyesight’s AI powered programs use cameras to visually track users before automatically making smart adjustments – so if the kids are in the car the music might shift to ‘family friendly’ for instance. In the future, it’s hoped that this tech could also improve in-build safety features, like air bags… ensuring that the system is deployed in a way that is tailored to the best safety protocols for each passenger, from newborns to the elderly.

 Read more about the technology here.

How could we deploy smart, responsive monitoring in other environments and make every experience feel perfectly personalised?