Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 52


Medical Drone Networks


In Switzerland, a pilot program is exploring use-cases for autonomous drone delivery networks in the healthcare industry.

A joint initiative from the US-based Matternet and Swiss Post, the program will see fixed location drone stations deployed at hospitals and other key locations throughout the city. From these tiny, 2x2 foot docking stations, packages can be loaded and then collected at the other side by simply scanning a QR code to gain access - allowing for the secure transport of bloods and other pathology samples without the delays or unpredictability of standard ground transportation options .

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How else could drones be deployed to reduce delays and increase the predictability of logistics networks in time-sensitive scenarios like those of acute healthcare?

Autonomous Garbage Trucks


Meanwhile in Sweden, a partnership between Volvo and local waste company Renova sees autonomous garbage trucks piloted in the Swiss city.

Set to streamline the manual and highly repetitive task of urban garbage collection, the smart trucks can drive self-guided down city streets whilst workers walk alongside collecting garbage cans depositing the waste as they normally would.

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How else could autonomous vehicle be deployed alongside human workers to streamline logistics and reduce worker strain in manual industries?

Fridge-to-Fridge Grocery Deliveries


In the US, Walmart has partnered with smart lock company August Home to test a grocery delivery service that could see your goods delivered straight to your kitchen - regardless of whether you're home to accept the delivery at the time.

Silicon Valley customers who've opted into the trial can monitor Walmart delivery drivers (via connected security cameras) as they're automatically let into the house via a one-time security code, deliver perishables straight to the fridge, and then let themselves out again with the door automatically locking behind them.

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How could smart home devices be better integrated with 3rd party services beyond the home to increase their utility and value?