Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 50


Virtual 'Burger' Currencies


A far cry from your standard loyalty card, the Russian arm of Burger King has launched their very own branded cryptocurrency. The 'WhopperCoin' functions as a hyper-modern digital rewards program that banks 'coins' in a digital wallet for it's customers every time they purchase the chain's signature Whopper' burger.

Once a customer has accumulated sufficient 'coins', they can then use them to purchase additional burgers or trade them online like their regular bitcoin counterparts. 

Read more at: https://goo.gl/Nsc3Bphttps://goo.gl/r53LQS

How could retailers and restauranteurs take advantage of new fin-tech solutions to revitalise their rewards programs and better engage customers in their mobile ordering platforms?

Augmented Reality Menus


Say goodbye to food envy forever. A new start-up operating out of New York is helping diners understand exactly what will arrive on their plate before they order with a virtual menu platform.

Kabaq's app-based augmented reality system lets restaurants create 3D models for each item on their menu and empowers diners to explore and visualise each item via tablet or mobile app - getting a true sense, not just of what the item will look like, but what portion size to expect, how will be served, what ingredients will be on the plate... and what sides could accompany it. 

Read more at: https://goo.gl/sGdwTzhttps://goo.gl/JWBcuv

How could the applications of emerging technologies be reimagined by food retailers to drive engagement, understanding and menu exploration at the point-of-purchase?

Smile to Pay Checkouts


Forget cash, cards and even mobile payments. In China, KFC healthy spin-off K Pro is experimenting with a facial recognition-based payment system. Known as 'Smile to Pay' the technology allows visitors at the fast food outlet to check-out by simply glancing at the screen for a couple of seconds.

Powered by Alipay - the system employs a number of safeguards to ensure that the person in front of the screen isn't an imposter - from a 'live-ness' detection algorithm that can tell if you're a real person or just photo/video, to a second authentication via their mobile phone for purchase.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/nTb9pshttps://goo.gl/b9SooL

How could restauranteurs better harness emerging tech to eliminate friction at every touch-point in the order journey?