Weekly 'Pulse Issue 46


Beer Waste Given New Life

A US start-up is hoping to make a dent in the wasted by-products of the brewing industry and turn the health drink market on it's head at the same time with the invention of a plant-based barley drink.

Made from 'Spent Grain' - an off-shoot of the beer brewing process - the ready-to-drink alternative 'milk' beverages look completely at place in the health aisle with their minimalist packaging and cafe-worth flavours like Matcha, Tumeric Chai, Cold Brew Latter and Cocoa.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/P8KZR3

How could we design a second life for other by-products of the commercial food production system?

Heat-Defying Ice Cream

Researchers in Japan have uncovered an ingenious recipe for ice cream that doesn't melt. The method, discovered by accident in a lab test, uses a polyphenol extract from strawberries that slows the separation of oil and water in dairy products - creating an ice cream that can retail it's shape (and remain cool) for much longer than your standard iced treat.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/TkP2aZ 

How could we rethink the basic chemistry of traditional food and drink recipes to create products better suited to their consumption environment?

Food Made From Air

Scientists in Finland have uncovered a method of producing food from out of thin air. The novel method sees electricity and carbon dioxide combine to create a protein and carbohydrate-mix. Capable of substituting traditional animal feed products, the hope is that the technology at scale could empower populations to produce more sustainable feed products locally, and when commercialised, could be up to 10 times more energy efficient when compared to mainstream agricultural products like soy.

Read more at:  https://goo.gl/BMXtGN

How can we leverage alternative production methods beyond traditional agriculture to tackle the food crises of the future?