Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 37

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Co-Living Grows Up

PMG Co-living

The evolution of shared economy is reaching new industries, with property developer PMG's up-scale co-living apartments.

Designed for tenants seeking a greater sense of community and social connection, PMG have disrupted traditional residential design philosophies by creating smaller sized apartments that prioritise larger and more varied common areas for tenants to interact. Residents of the 3,500 apartments in Brooklyn, Chicago and Miami are likely to spend evenings together around a fire pit, at a mixology course or tapping away in the building’s co-working space.

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How else can we employ shared economy philosophies in the design of physical spaces to increase social utility promote the continuity of community engagement?

One Algorithm, Millions Of Designs


Nutella have just released seven million uniquely designed jars thanks to an algorithm that pulled customised elements from a database of colours and patterns.

The algorithm created dozens of pattern and colour combinations to create the labels, effectively taking on the role of a human art director or graphic designer. Each jar is printed with a verification code to authenticate its unique status for collectors and curious consumers alike.

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How could AI solutions build greater personalisation into packaged goods and other fast consumables to give consumers a unique product experience?

E-Commerce In Real Life


Brooklyn-based start-up Bulletin is challenging the ubiquitous nature of online shopping with an IRL e-commerce experience.

Bulletin has reimagined the retail experience by borrowing from co-working concepts to launch a store where space is rented to online retailers on a temporary basis. Founder, Alana Branston’s concept centres around creating memorable consumer moments that capitalise on our increasing desire to experience products in real life. Exhibiting brands turn over every few weeks to ensure a continually fresh experience for consumers, and product decisions are driven by popular trends on social media platforms and influential lifestyle blogs.

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How else can we take online experiences into the offline world by focusing on consumer-centric moments and product offerings?