Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 33

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas... 


Augmented Reality Cocktails

This June, City Social, a London bar & restaurant is launching an augmented reality cocktail menu, intending to create the world's first interactive AR bar experience for guests.

The Mirage cocktail menu will rollout in partnership with an app that patrons will need to download (via smartphone) in order to turn their cocktail into a work of art. Guests will then be able to enjoy their tipple with a range of coordinated digital scenes from illustrious artists including Van Gogh, Picasso & Banksy. 

Read more at goo.gl/5M10Yn 

How else can restaurants adopt technology like augmented reality to engage their patrons without being considered 'novelty'?

Immersive Dining

A Japanese restaurant, in collaboration with art collective Teamlab, have designed an immersive dining experience by creating a digital art room within the restaurant. The room seats just eight people a day and treats guests to moving light projections that envelop the walls and tables and are inspired by the seasons of Japan. 

The restaurant is hoping to create a multi-sensorial experience by enhancing each of the 12 dishes in the set menu with projections that respond to the movements of the individual diners. 

Read more at goo.gl/f3g7VN

How else can restaurants modernise fine dining to create multi-sensorial and immersive experiences?

Virtual Dinner Dates

Last month, Deliveroo UK gave London foodies the opportunity to dine with like-minded individuals in Milan, virtually. British guests were encouraged to eat 'messy' authentic Italian food and chat with their date in real-time to restore their dining confidence on a first date. 

The pop-up, dubbed Milan Upon Thames, ran for just 2 days and served a bespoke menu on both sides of the screen to create a shared multi-cultural dining experience.

Read more at goo.gl/0zIXou 

How else can food & beverage businesses educate guests on cuisines and dinner etiquette to make them feel at ease while dining out?