Well, Well, Well....

How can businesses capitalise on blurring lines between work, home and wellness to expand their core offerings and create hybrid solutions that better reflect the fluidity of consumer's lives today?

Work/Life balance continues to elude many of us as the ubiquity of smartphones and digital connectivity increasingly blurs the lines between our homes and offices.

WeWork is trying to get it's members one step closer by assisting not only their work, but also their workouts. Currently limited to its New York City locations, WeWork Wellness offers free fitness classes to members and non-members alike. The initiative follows on from the launch of WeLive last year which was the co-working company expand its communal approach to cohabitation. 

WeWork are not the only business exploring cross-over models into adjacent industries. Last year, Equinox (a premium gym chain in the US) opened their first communal work spaces in their San Francisco location.

Further blurring the lines between work, home and wellness, the company has also announced the launch of their first hotel. Designed to cater to health conscious travellers, Equinox Hotels differentiate themselves with fitness focused facilities, the first of which is scheduled for opening in NYC by 2018. 

More recently, Humanscale - a leader in ergonomic products and solutions - partnered with industrial designer and design strategist Todd Bracher to open RE:CHARGE Café, a space that allows visitors to reenergise their mind, body and devices.

The urban oasis finds inspiration from the natural environment and seeks to promote the associated health benefits of being with nature. The café doubles as a gallery for a number of the company’s latest innovations, including biological lighting, an air-purifiying wall using vertical garden installations and the Trea Chair, which mimics the instinctive recline of the human body. Along with free wifi and a health food bar, the space gives a new meaning to the expression “relax and recharge”….

Even Saks Fifth Avenue, an institution in the American department store landscape, is getting on board with mainstream wellness offerings by opening the Saks Wellery: a "healthy living playground" that occupies 16,000 square feet of the company's Manhattan flagship location. The latest in a string of in-store pop-up concepts, it combines a fitness studio and a beauty spa in amongst rows of athleisure apparel for sale. Its launch earlier this month attracted 2,000 visitors - a welcome change for the brick-and-mortar retailer who continues to battle declining foot traffic and sales.  

So What?

Wellness is increasingly front of mind for consumers as priorities shift toward holistic & proactive health management and the companies who have responded quickly have been able to capitalise on first mover advantage and set the new standard for competitors to follow. These businesses, who are able to effectively anticipate and cater to emerging wellness trends, are not only opening up new revenue opportunities, but also entrenching their business in their customers' routines as they stealthily transition into adjacent industries and ring-fence their relevance to consumers.