Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 35

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas... 


A Breath of Fresh Air

Social design lab Studio Roosegaarde has unveiled concept plans for a 'Smog Free Bicycle'. Designed to 'vacuum clean' the air as users pedal, the concept transforms the humble bike into an even more environmentally friendly option than it already is. The brain child of Daan Roosegaarde, the bike is one of various concepts that form the larger Smog Free Project initiative that was launched in 2014 which includes everything from the Smog Free Tower to Smog Free Jewellery. 

Read more at goo.gl/2BhUcW

How can we combine modern technologies with traditional designs to create new value from existing inputs? 

Newlife To Old Materials

How about a premium Italian yarn that is embedded with odour control technology to keep you feeling fresh all day? That's what Newlife yarn offers - a world first material stemming from a collaboration between Sinterama (the world leader in polyester production) and Polygiene (a global specialist in freshness technology). As an added bonus, the polyester filament yarns are 100% derived from post-consumer PET bottles, doing their part to alleviate landfill sites. 

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How can we add value to discarded products to give them a second life and move away from the buy-use-dispose model of mass consumption? 

Zero-Waste Manufacturing



Imagine a marketplace where product ideas are sourced from a range of designers around the world, prototyped with a 3D printer, then placed online where the item is either produced to order or digitally shelved. This is the idea behind Othr, an online platform that allows product designers to test ideas with consumers prior to production, giving rise to virtually perfect demand forecasts and reducing the level of surplus. 

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How else can we re-sequence manufacturing processes to avoid production wastage and resource depletion?