Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 30

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas... 


Edible Robots

Researchers in Switzerland have revealed their latest project - tiny, edible and digestible robots. Made from gelatin and filled with air or fluid, the devices will react to chemicals inside the body, triggering movement. Not only are they sustainable, but they will eventually dissolve inside the body, unlike their tech-heavy counterparts, which are already on the market. If all goes to plan, these tiny robots could help to deliver medicine to specifically targeted parts of the body. 

Read more at goo.gl/yuVwt8

How can we think beyond the tech to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution?

An Artificial Sun

It won't come as a shock to hear that the sunlight in Europe can be a little unreliable, so researchers at the German Aerospace Center have built their own. The 'sun' (Synlight) is made from 149 lamps that are 10,000 times more intense than normal sunlight. As the world's largest artificial sun, researchers are hoping that they'll be able to harness the energy produced to create a more sustainable fuel source. 

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How can we focus our energy to make more sustainable fuel sources that protect our future?

You Are What You Eat

It can be difficult to track what you're putting in your body, but a new smartphone is changing all that. Changhong H2, is a device that scans objects by analysing their chemical makeup. By measuring the light patterns reflected from the objects, the phone can determine the fat content of a sweet treat and even verify the authenticity and dosage of your medicine. 

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How can we leverage new technology to help people take more responsibility for what and how they consume food & medicine?