Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 27

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas... from SXSW 2017.


Spider Silk Threads

Bolt Threads is a biotechnology company that creates spinnable spider silk proteins from genetically modified bacteria and turns them into clothing. Real spider silk is difficult to harvest, but is uniquely strong and elastic, making the material incredibly versatile. The company was able to replicate this process and showcased their sustainable bio-synthetic fabric at SXSW with a prototype of their woven knit neck ties, available in a limited edition release. 

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How can we use bio-manufactured proteins to create raw, sustainable materials with applications beyond fashion? 

Wearable MRI Machines

New start-up Openwater presented news of their wearable device at SXSW, which could allow doctors to see the inner workings of person's brain and body in high resolution. The wearable device uses LCDs built into the lining of fabric bandages and hats to create detailed 'reconstructive holographic images'.

The company hopes that this technology would replace the functionality of MRI machines and potentially offer early detection for a plethora of diseases including cancer and mental illness. Beyond disease prevention and detection, the technology also holds the potential to further unpick the mysteries of the brain and their ultimate goal is to experiment with intelligence augmentation - thought based communication or 'telepathy'. 

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How can we move away from novelty applications and rethink the potential of wearable devices in creating a better, healthier and smarter future?  

Sound of Movement

Sony made waves at this year's SXSW with a brand new motion sonic wristband concept. When paired with the app, the microphones within the device capture the 'whooshing' sound of the wearer's leg and arm movements and then reinterprets them as preset musical arrangements and instruments. By using the wearer's own body movements, Sony hopes to create a unique and immersive experience for every user. 

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How can we use wearable technology to bring new models of engagement to the forefront and further break down the lines between creator and consumer?