Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 26

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


3D Printed Tactile Artworks

Verus Art is a company that re-creates famous paintings for the blind. In collaboration with the National Gallery in Canada, they use 3D scanning and elevated colour printing to reproduce priceless artworks by artists such as Van Gogh, Degas and Monet. 

The re-creations accurately depict the colours, textures and even brushstrokes as a detailed and tactile artwork that the visually impaired can experience through touch. In addition, a select group of the re-creations will be showcased at the museum to improve their accessibility for the disabled. 

Read more at goo.gl/wrq5J9

How can we tap into new technology to improve accessibility in art institutions and beyond? 

Flower Pollination by Drone

Researchers in Japan have created a remote controlled drone that can pollinate flowers. The drone, which was designed to address the worrying decline of pollinators (particularly bees and butterflies), uses horse hair coated with a semi-permanent 'glue' to capture pollen as it makes contact with the flower. 

Though not as good as the real thing, in the future the drone could aid in pollinating some of the world's crops, as roughly 75% of the them are in need of pollination (including chocolate and coffee).

Read more at goo.gl/IIDjfo

How can we use drone technology to enhance our approach to agriculture?  

Smart Tech in a Little Black Dress

The team at CuteCircuit have unveiled their latest creation - a dress made from graphene that changes colour. Graphene is around 100 - 300 times stronger than steel and has been designed within the bodice of the dress to conduct electricity and analyse data from the wearer's breathing patterns.

Depending on how deeply the wearer breathes, the transparent sections of CuteCircuit's re-interpretation of the little black dress will change colour between purple, turquoise, orange and green. 

Read more at goo.gl/pebDsA

How else can we apply graphene within the textile industry to create smart, wearable tech?