Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 28

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas... 


Clean Lab-Grown Poultry

Researchers from Memphis Meats in the US have successfully created sustainable chicken and duck meat made completely in a laboratory. The company, which has already created lab-grown beef, is the first to showcase ‘clean’ poultry made from sustainably farmed animal cells that are fed sugar, minerals and oxygen and grown into food. The chicken and duck meat won’t be commercially available until 2021, but researchers are hoping the 'clean' poultry will help to create a more sustainable approach to food production.

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How can we create smarter approaches to how we produce and consume food to take the pressure off the world's resources?

VR for Veterans 

Bravemind is a Pentagon-funded VR application that seeks to become "a medical VR version of prolonged exposure therapy", according to Albert Rizzo, an expert in developing computer technology to address cognitive & psychological disorders and one of Bravemind's project leaders. Bravemind uses a combination of gaming software and hardware including sounds, vibrations and even a scent machine that simulates diesel fuel, garbage, and gunpowder to recreate environments. In doing so, the hope is that it can help normalise trauma and help veterans better cope with their past and engage in treatment. 

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How can we use emerging technologies to rethink approaches to medical treatment and rehabilitation for more effective and enduring results?

Socially Conscious Shelters

What happens when a leading architectural firm partners with a non-profit to tackle homelessness?  A wonderfully inviting, communal and resource-rich space detached of stigma is the result. With a focus on homeless youths, the shelters in Toronto-based Eva's Iniatives provide residents with private dwellings, communal kitchens and lounge rooms to encourage social interaction. Residents are also offered counselling, employment training and substance abuse treatment among a host of other workshops. Each of the 3 locations, designed by LGA Architects, place enormous value on providing the physical and emotional environments that are conducive to helping youths get back on their feet.  

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How can we optimise design to go beyond functional benefit and drive tangible social impact?