Fashion Forward

How can technology improve transparency within the fashion industry and help consumers make more informed & ethical shopping decisions? 

Deviating from the category norms of aesthetics, comfort, quality and prestige, the fashion industry is set for a shake-up with new technologies that promise to empower consumers with an unprecedented level of information transparency and new & simpler ways to compare non-traditional features & benefits across brands and retailers.

Cambridge-based startup DoneGood, recently launched a browser extension and app, designed to spark conscientious consumerism. Using a wealth of insider data, DoneGood informs the user of the product or brand’s sustainable and ethical business practices by measuring it against a range of criteria, from vegan to locally sourced.

Once installed, users can search as per normal for products via Google and Amazon, and DoneGood's extension will send an alert within the browser, with the best and most ethical options. So, if you’re looking for a pair of animal cruelty free shoes and don’t want to be dragged through hours of searching it seems like this extension will get the job done.

Fashion label Babyghost recently partnered with VeChain (a blockchain based technology) for it's 2017 spring/summer collection. A VeChain chip was embedded into 20 pieces of clothing, which when scanned via the app, gave attendees an interactive memory experience by showing the individual journey of a piece of clothing, from how it was made to who modeled it in NYC.

So What?
By using technology to shed light on the full lifecycle of the fashion industry, these new platforms and experiences are helping to bring a new consideration set into the mix for shoppers and consumers. So can these technologies change the current trend of fast fashion by redefining our perspective on value & quality and reshaping how we interact with fashion brands all together?