Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 24

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


Sustainable Insect Proteins

MOM's, an organic grocer in Washington D.C. is bringing the niche trend of edible insects to the masses by stocking a new range of sustainable insect proteins, which are both nutritious and have a positive impact on the global food supply. Their range includes products like cricket or mealworm bolognese sauce, cricket chips, whole flavoured mealworms & crickets and mealworm protein powder.

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How can we rethink our approach to food by tapping into more sustainable food sources?

Ocean Plastic Swimwear

Following on from the success of their ocean waste sneakers, Adidas has extended their partnership with Parley for the Oceans to create a range of up-cycled swimwear. The environmentally conscious swimwear is made by converting ocean plastic such as fishing nets and debris to a chlorine resistant yarn fibre with a similar feel to Nylon. 

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How can we bring more creative eco-friendly solutions to everyday products?

Post-organic Produce 

Vertical farm start-up Bowery, has moved beyond organic produce and introduced a new approach to farming by using artificial intelligence technology to track and adjust all the variables relating to how plants grow, which eliminates the need for any pesticides and uses less water than traditional agriculture. The integrated tech system will also flag when to harvest the produce and from there, it will take just one day to be delivered to local restaurants and retailers. 

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How can we use technology to create smarter systems to grow food for the future?