Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 23

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The Rise of Robo-Advisory

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The landscape of financial advice is quickly evolving to incorporate “robo-advisory” - the use of AI and machine learning algorithms to aid investment decisions and customise portfolio management based on an individual’s saving goals and preferences. The involvement of a personal advisor isn’t removed however, as a growing number of private wealth platforms such as Betterment and Wealthfront are partnering algorithms with human interaction to provide a hybrid approach to financial advice.

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How can we use AI to boost engagement in personal investing and aid financial freedom? 

Personal Assistants for Every Home

No longer just reserved just for the wealthy, domestic butlers are now making their way into more and more homes. For example, the Little Fish robot has taken smart assistants to the next level, combining voice recognition and AI to provide assistance around the home or office. As well as learning from user interactions the device answers questions using a touch screen, plays music, controls home products and can link to on-demand services. 

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How can we harness AI to enhance our in-home experiences? 

A Pocket Nutritionist 

Nutrition startup VITL recently launched a wellness app using expert nutritionist knowledge, existing health websites and AI technology. The app evaluates the users current health status to formulate a personalised nutrition plan based on VITL's 5 key pillars of health (digestion, energy, mood, immune system and antioxidant status). In addition, VITL will use the results to create a bespoke vitamin pack that meets the nutritional needs of the user and delivers it straight to their door. 

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How can we tap into new technologies to improve our access to personalised expert healthcare?