Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 21

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


Coffee Decoded


Researchers at UC Davis have successfully sequenced the genome of the coffea arabica plant, giving plant breeders and growers a blueprint for designing crops with unprecedented precision. The genome - which is now available open source - signals the start of a new type of plant engineering, promising new and better flavours... not to mention disease, weather resistant crops that can sustain global climate shifts and erratic conditions.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/zLCCDS & https://goo.gl/rg4MgO

How could genetic sequencing shape a better future for food production, quality & nutrition?

Edible Energy

Your morning hit of energy might look very different in the future with a new raft of functional foods entering the market that offer the same caffeine lift in everything from Steem's caffinated spreads to snack bars and even fruits.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/WO5f91

How could we create naturally-boosted foods & drinks by re-thinking how we deliver traditional functional ingredients?

Everyday Automation


Café culture is set for a shake-up with the introduction of an automated barista kiosk in San Fransisco earlier this year.

The first of it's kind in the United States, the Cafe X system lets you place your order via mobile, watch an industrial grade robot prepare your perfect coffee to order (a spectacle on display behind plexi-glass windows), and delivers it to your fingertips using an automated conveyer belt... all without a single point of human intervention.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/jBV3rQ https://goo.gl/1JXkZA

How will smart automation shape the future of working, shopping and consuming?