Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 22

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


Subscription Parenting

From toys to clothes, shopping for the kids in your life is set to get a little bit easier with the emergence of subscription services specifically tailored to the needs of growing minds and bodies. Amazon's recently launched STEM Club, offers a curated monthly delivery of the companies latest education-focused kids toys. Whilst a raft of emerging clothing subscription services like Rockets of Awesome are taking the hassle out of the never-ending cycle of shopping for a growing child.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/XV2pb2, https://goo.gl/uTtMG3 & https://goo.gl/5Zj0HM

How can we design new retail models that recognise and support consumers at every life-stage?

Medication Automation

Researchers in the US are tackling meds compliance by taking the matter out of the patients hands entirely with the trial of a new star-shaped capsule format. Taken like any standard pill, once in the patients stomach, that same capsule spreads to form a star-shaped pill that can stay in the stomach for weeks and release a perfectly measured dose over set intervals.

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How could we improve medical outcomes through automation of everyday treatments?

Naked Labelling

In Spain, LaserFood has developed a simple replacement for the wasteful plastic sticker labels that are common practice for grocery products sold around the globe. Their laser-based labelling technology allows growers to mark directly onto their produce with zero damage or reduction in shelf-life.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/zL66Uf

How could we eliminate unnecessary packaging by rethinking the norms of how we produce, label & range grocery products?