Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 59


Bitcoin For Everyday


The latest in a wave of new service solutions designed to bring Bitcoin currencies into everyday spending, UK-based start-up London Block Exchange has launched the 'Dragoncard' - their own version of a Bitcoin connected Visa card. 

Operating in much the same way as your standard Visa, customers can use the Dragoncard to pay for everyday goods in British Pounds - just like any other Visa card. The key difference happens on the back-end with the company sourcing the transaction cost (plus a 0.5% transaction fee) from the Bitcoins stored in that customers digital wallet.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/ejTwNL

How will the introduction of new, consumer-friendly crypto-currency payment solutions transform the financial landscape?

Branded Living


Magazine publisher Monocle is moving into the real estate game with the launch of their own range of branded apartment buildings.

The latest in a series of diversified offerings for the lifestyle brand that already counts shops and cafes amongst it's portfolio, these luxury residential projects promise to deliver a physical representation of the carefully curated style that has seen global success for the brands' media offerings amongst an enviable cohort of young, affluent, brand-driven consumers.

Bangkok will be home to the first tower - however founder, Tyler Brûlé, has already announced plans to expand the initiative with other outposts around the world.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/jtkAe2

How could other lifestyle brands break away from established markets and diversify their offerings?

AI Does Social Good


In an effort to combat an ever-growing raft of online scammers, the New Zealand-based organisation Netsafe created the Re:scam chatbot. Powered by artificial intelligence, the program combats online tricksters by distracting them with a fake digital 'mark'. 

With the ability to mimic personas and maintain an ongoing conversation with real life 'con artists' the program diverts their attention and resources away from would-be targets.

Read more at: https://goo.gl/Jho9XL

How else could flip technology on it's head and deploy artificial intelligence to combat other social challenges faced in todays digital world?