Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 58


Smarter Farming


Offering dramatic solutions to the problems arising in the future of food, Aerofarms is on a mission to transform agriculture, and are responsible for the world’s largest indoor farms. Thus far, they have successfully eliminated dirt and created climates independent of the seasons and weather outside their buildings. They have devised a solution that addresses the rising problems associated with food and are set to disrupt the market with a proposition that uses 95% less water annually, less than 1% of the land and with crops that yield 130 times more produce per square foot annually.

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How could we utilise modern technology to prepare for the ever-growing challenge of food scarcity?

Connected Coffee


How many times do we make ourselves a coffee, snuggle on the couch and dive into a book only to forget about it moments later? By the time you realise, it’s too cold and you have to trudge off and make yourself another one.

A new smart mug designed by Ammunition connects your phone through Bluetooth so that you can set an ideal temperature for whatever you’re drinking and effectively forget about it. The four sensors embedded inside the mug relay temperature information to a microprocessor in the cup’s base to control the temperature. To charge, simply pop it on the coaster that comes with the mug. After two hours of sitting idle, it goes into sleep mode – like you will probably be doing on the couch.

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How could the Internet of Things re-shape our experience of the simplest of everyday rituals like a humble home-made coffee?

Everyday Optical Illusions


When we think of design we think of crisp edges, blank space and monotone shades. However, one trend that has emerged on the visual landscape, particularly in graphic design, is iridescence. Color Flow, a new furniture series from Korean design studio Orijeen is one of the latest brands embracing the trend, injecting a sense of fun and surprise into household staples. Their slick furniture range is using iridescent optical illusion, which reveals a psychedelic spectrum of colour and you move around them - creating a unique experience from every angle.

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How can we incorporate more 'surprise & delight' into product design?