Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 55


Architectural Adventures


Airbnb took the travel world by storm, offering a unique shared marketplace for accommodation. Taking inspiration from it’s success is PlansMatter, a platform created by architects Connie Lindor and Scott Muellner. PlansMatter allows customers to explore new locations whilst staying in incredible homes. Paying homage to great architecture, from the Kinney House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, to the Villa Vals designed by Christian Müller’s, the rentals offered are based across five continents. 

Architecture at its core has a great story and connection rooted in place. Lindor and Mueller aim to elevate people’s experience of place through architecture, enlightening them to the positive impact well-designed architecture can have. 

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How else will sharing economies enable access to traditionally inaccessible experiences?  

AI, The New Design Kid on the Block 

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 5.37.02 pm.png

Adobe has an ever-growing suite of tools enabling creatives to constantly push boundaries. This year's MAX conference revealed two sneak peaks showcasing the potential of the Adobe AI.

The first demo, called SceneStitch depicted how you could remove nearly anything from a landscape and be presented automatically with plausible fill options (primarily sourced from Adobe Stock). The second demo, Cloak took this one step further, allowing you to remove things from full motion videos by simply tracing a mask around it.

Whilst these are only prototypes, they show how powerful AI can be in the future, reducing the human skill required in design but also highlighting the ease of making fake imagery. 

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How will artificial intelligence change the role of the human designer in the future?   

The Language of Learning 

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Kickstarter has seen the realisation of a range of projects. But one that stands out is Fluent Forever, a project that has amassed 587,785 dollars and counting, making it the most funded Kickstarter app. Fluent Forever promises to teach users different languages, training them in proper pronunciation as well as vocabulary and grammar. 

Through pictures and example sentences, the app references a learning tool known as a ‘Spaced Repetition System’ that essentially figures out when you’re going to forget a word and tests you just before you do. It further customises based on what you want to learn, whether it’s certain words or sentences, creating a uniquely individualised experience. 

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How could we harness precision learning techniques & smart personalisation to better educate via digital applications?