Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 20

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


Food for Thought

A restaurant in Madrid, Spain has embraced the essence of Robin Hood by charging their patrons more for breakfast and lunch, in order to give free meals to those in need at dinner-time. With around 20% of Spain's population unemployed, the Robin Hood restaurant proudly feeds more than 100 hungry homeless people a night. The quality of the food is nothing to be sniffed at either - chef's from high end restaurants and hotels are offering their time and as a result, the restaurant it booked out until April 2017. 

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How can we build better communities through the blending of high-quality experiences with social initiatives?


Workouts for Meals

This January, London based company, David Lloyd Gym's created a three-day pop-up ('Run for your Bun' café), which traded free meals in return for high intensity interval workouts. The pop-up hoped to encourage a healthier lifestyle by showing hungry Londoners the benefits of being more active and how they could burn up to 150 calories in 10 minutes through hill climbs, pushups and squats. 

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How can we create unexpected experiences to re-engage and reframe people's attitudes towards health?

Take-Back, Give-Back

As the saying goes... one man's trash is another's treasure. North American clothing company Patagonia is launching a take-back scheme for old (but still wearable) clothing that will be exchanged for store credit. Once returned, Patagonia will wash, repair and/or repurpose the clothes, which will then be re-sold through their online store. In setting up the scheme (launching in April 2017), the company hopes to become more environmentally sustainable, minimise the waste in landfills and help reduce their 'carbon, water and waste footprint by 20 - 30%'. 

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How can we help to reduce our impact on the environment by rethinking how we manufacture and recycle clothing?