Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 19

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


Beer Yoga Down Under 

Sydney-siders reached the highest level of consciousness over the weekend with the latest yoga trend to hit Australian shores - BierYoga. Originally a Berlin / Burning Man invention, the practice unusually fuses booze and sun salutations whilst (in all seriousness) helps yogi's to be both mindful & energised. Just don't drop the bottle balancing on your head - Namaste pitchers! 

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How can we shake-up traditional practices and rituals to improve the health and fitness industry and keep punters engaged? 

Virtual Rehabilitation 

Virtual Rehab is a new programme based in the US aiming to reduce the re-incarceration of prisoners using virtual reality. By using VR technology, the programme will rehabilitate prisoners through formal education, job training, treat psychological conditions and will allow inmates to undergo correctional services rehabilitation in order to better prepare them to re-enter the real world and minimise their chances of re-offending.  

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How can we use virtual reality to improve how we educate, train and rehabilitate people in all situations and stages of life? 

The Breast Pump Reimagined   

The breast pump has been totally redesigned into a hands-free, wearable and wireless format, which has not surprisingly already made a big impact with women all over the world. After conducting their own research, Willow set about meeting the needs of mother's everywhere by creating a teardrop-shaped, cord-free device that sits discreetly underneath clothing, enabling women to express and store milk on-the-move. The device also can be connected via bluetooth to an app that tracks time and measures the volume of the milk expressed.

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How can we better meet the needs of consumers by rethinking traditional formats and methods?