Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 3

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


On Pointe Virtual Reality

The Dutch National Opera & Ballet have created the world’s first virtual reality ballet called Night Fall. The ballet, which has been choreographed especially and filmed with a 360-degree camera, allows the viewer to experience the performance from the very centre of the action.

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How will virtual reality redefine the relationship between the artist and the audience?

No-So Fast Food

Domino’s joins a stream of fast food outlets embracing healthier food options with the newest addition to their menu – healthy gourmet toppings. As well as introducing premium ranges, they’re moving towards introducing ‘natural’ replacements for all of their ingredients to prove that pizza can be healthy.  

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How will fast food companies evolve and stay relevant for today’s health-conscious consumers?

Cities Step-Up

Transport for London’s latest Tube map has a new feature. In an effort to minimise congestion and promote a healthier lifestyle, the map now illustrates how many steps there are between stations to encourage commuters onto the streets and away from the underground.

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How can we re-imagine transport systems within cities to sustain an ever-growing population?