Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 2

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...



In New York, Uber has introduced a new payment option, in partnership with an employee benefits service WageWorks, that allows users to pay for eligible Uber fairs with 'pre-tax' dollar - saving up to 40% off their total price.

Meanwhile in San Francisco & LA they are trialling a 'rewards' system that sees users earn points towards free Uber rides when they shop with local merchants as part of Visa's 'Local Offers' platform.

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How will today's tech disruptors shape the financial norms of the future?  

The Internet of (Junk) Things

As Amazon Dash gains traction, academics and environmentalists alike are questioning the long-term environmental impact of a connected future that sees our homes so easily filled with plastic e-waste in the form of 'smart' devices & sensors, that in-turn automate the delivery of highly-packaged consumables right to our doorsteps.

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How can we develop a more sustainable future for the Internet of Things that balances ultra-convenience with a more conscious consumption?

Lo-Fi High-End Dining

Ikea has announced the launch of a London-based pop-up restaurant experience 'The Dining Club' that sees diners preparing their own meals in a twist on the DIY model they're famous for in retail.

While earlier this year, 2 hawker-style food stalls in Singapore became the first Street Food vendors in the world to be awarded the coveted rating of a Michelin star - despite their meals costing just a couple of dollars a piece.

Read more at http://goo.gl/4aflbp & http://goo.gl/0p1z9I 

How can we design more immersive food service models that favour experience over traditional prestige?