Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 15

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Check It Out

Last week, Amazon revealed details for the highly anticipated Amazon Go – a brick and mortar ‘just-walk-out’ shopping experience. An entirely new way to shop, Amazon Go promises no lines and no checkout - you simply walk out of the store once you’ve filled up your basket.

How does it work? According to their website, simply, download the app and Amazon Go’s store technology will automatically detect which products you’ve taken off the shelf and consequently walked out with. Currently still in Beta, Amazon Go is expected to launch in 2017 for the public. 

Read more at goo.gl/Ur7kJU & goo.gl/XWdPNu 

How can we take inspiration from online shopping to streamline real-world store experiences? 

IKEA to Your Door

For a lucky few in the ACT, buying iconic Swedish furniture has become a whole lot easier. IKEA has launched its online store (for now, in Canberra only), which means you can now have your flat-pack furniture delivered straight to your door – or if you don’t want to miss out on the Swedish meatballs, buy online, then collect in-store. If all goes well, expect the same multichannel offering to extend across state lines into other parts of Australia.

Read more at goo.gl/FWiDsy 

How can companies use a multichannel offering to better engage customers?

Going Through the Emotions

Ebay has tackled one of the biggest stresses of the year – Christmas shopping, with its emotionally-powered pop-up store in London. The pop-up, which hung around for just 2 days last week, worked by using biometric interactive screens in individual booths that measured the facial expressions of customers in order to determine which gift would be the most satisfying to give to loved ones. Once customers finished their time in the booth, they received a report outlining the three items they connected with most.

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How can retail companies help customers navigate a sea of products and give them what they want in a faster, less stressful way?