Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 13

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


Big Data Dining

Uber has put its passenger data to good use by turning it into restaurant guides. Move aside restaurant critics - the Uber guides work by calculating the most popular locations that passengers visit, then shares the best eateries via the app. According to Uber, there are some surprises that will take hungry passengers of the beaten track. 

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How can we find different ways to tap into the data that powers the sharing economy to offer up new added-value customer experiences? 

Did You Say Blue Wine?

We're all familiar with the traditional red and white coloured wines, but expect to see some different coloured wines on the shelf next time you visit the liquor store. Spanish company Gik have concocted a vibrant blue wine by blending different red and white grape skins and so far have sold it in 25 different countries, including Australia (as of this year).

However, it's not just wine singing the blues. An Australian company has released Ink Gin, a vibrant small-batch, blue-indigo gin, that turns pink when added to tonic and citrus.

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How can we flip traditional production methods on their head without losing authenticity or creating novelty products?

Sustainable Alcohol Refills 

A new marketplace concept in Sydney called Saporium, which has artisan food producers from all over town championing sustainability and local produce, has introduced wine refills. Saporium's bottle shop - The Drink Hive is hoping to get thirsty customers visiting their wine station via a rotating collection of wines from a wide array of producers at a reasonable price. The idea stems from a similar and increasingly popular sustainable practice that has been around the traps for a while - beer growler refills.  

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How can we create cost effective & sustainable retail models that encourage consumers to keep coming back for more?