Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 9

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


Uber Takes to the Skies

No longer the stuff of science fiction, Uber has announced plans to create a network of 'flying' cars - aptly named 'Elevate'. The new sky-high network aims to minimise congestion on the ground and significantly slash commuting hours which, in turn would boost productivity and improve commuters' work-life balance. If all goes to plan, expect to see these cars in the air within the next decade. 

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How could new technology help take the pressure off time-poor workers?  

A New York Minute 

NYC is now home to a new breed of coffee shop, where you pay for your visit based on time, not the coffee or snacks you buy. With a couple of similar cafés in Europe, Glass Hour is the first of it's kind in the USA. So how does it work? Well, the first hour is fixed at $6 for all and you can help yourself to whatever you want including boardgames, games, snacks & drinks. This kind of metered model is particularly appealing to freelancers as they can stay all day.

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How can we develop public spaces with the nomadic co-working generation in mind?

Paving the Way

Designers in Poland are experimenting with glow in the dark bike paths, that need just 30 to 60 minutes of direct sunlight to guide cyclists home all through the night. The phosphorescent blue paths are part of a trial that aims to improve safety for commuters, as cycling becomes an increasingly popular mode of transportation. 

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How can we develop more sustainable approaches to urban planning?