Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 6

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas... 


Just Like Mum Used to Make

Umi Kitchen is a new company that brings home-cooked meals to hungry time-poor individuals with a click of a button. The Umi (Arabic for ‘mother’) app is aimed at people who are sick of the traditional take-out offerings. New Yorkers simply log in, see what’s on the home-cooked menu and place an order.

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How can new services help maintain community, authenticity and the comfort of our home-life in an increasingly time-poor world?

Visible Digital Purse Strings

In a world saturated with digital payments, we’re using hard cash to pay for things less and less. As a result, designer Peter Sörries has created Flux, a visual and tangible representation of your bank account balance (as a moving pendulum) so you can keep an eagle eye on your everyday spending.

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How can we use tangible markers to improve the transparency of digital processes and transactions?

A New Age of Affordable Art

Investing in art has become easier and more affordable with Twyla, an online marketplace that sells signed limited edition prints by top artists to art enthusiasts. For an extra $150, prints turn up with an installation ‘welcome kit’ or a few gallery trained handlers to seamlessly fit the print to your wall.

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How can we update traditional business models to make luxury products more approachable and convenient?