Weekly 'Pulse' Issue 5

Our weekly round-up of thought-starters, opportunities & ideas...


Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have launched a nutricosmetic that masquerades as a daily indulgence – with a dose of active ingredients scientifically proven to slow the ageing process delivered in the form of a single dark chocolate square.

Read more at https://goo.gl/E1aql1

How could we rethink the delivery of other supplements and pharmaceuticals to create a more positive consumption experience?

The Power of 'Free'

Hong Kong based start-up Think Labs is putting free smartphones in the hands of tourists with Handy – a smartphone solution that promises international travellers access to free calls and data without the cost of international roaming and gives hotels a powerful platform to engage with their guests.

Read more at https://goo.gl/2V5Pdz

How could we design new business models that make the most of consumer's always-on, always-connected mentality? 

Smart Change

US based payment solution CoinOut promises to eliminate the hassle of loose change with an app that functions as your own digital ‘coin jar’ – letting customers save the change from cash transactions as digital credit.

Read more at https://goo.gl/VIWl85


How could we reimagine hybrid payment solutions as we move closer to a cashless future?